Buy Joseph Joseph Square Colander Online at johnlewis.comMy Great Grandmother is obsessed with gadgets, we often get a potato peeler or a Victoria Knox Knife in our Christmas Present Bag... I think it has been an obsession that creeps up on you and one day you open the kitchen cupboards and the whole of its contents ends up spluging onto the floor.... It's not my fault... it's how I was brought up!...

Here's my top gadgets that just make life that little bit easier

It always makes me laugh when we hear about ergonomically designed gadgets to maximise productivity with ease. Here are non-powered gadgets!

Hand held kitchen clutter... I mean useful tools!

Square Colander from John Lewis

Buy Joseph Joseph Square Colander Online at£8.55 John Lewis

Perfect for straining your vegies (obviously) but pour the drained contents easily, without spilling everywhere.







Rotary Cheese Grater

Rotary Cheese Grater£23.97 Amazon

Easy peasy grating without risking your knuckles, throw in a block of cheese, grip the handle and turn the handle!

Cuts fine or course cheese in the drum, so perfect for topping lasagnes or pizzas!





Egg Slicer

Egg Slicer£12.49 from Amazon

Simply slices or segments a boiled egg, no mess, quick and simple AND dishawasher proof.









Jamie Oliver Flavour Shaker

Jamie Olver Shaker

£18.99 Amazon

Ditch the pesstle and mortar - Shake with all your might to release the flavours of your fresh herbs!






Oil Mister / Sprayer

Oil Mister£14.99 Amazon

If you are conscious about the amount of oil you use, use a mister to apply an even coat to your pan









Garlic Press

Lakeland £8.49

Lakeland Garlic PressI love garlic and fresh garlic is simply the best in your cooking, make









Cool Salt and Pepper Sets

Buy Robert Welch Salt and Pepper Set Online at£40.00 John Lewis

Every kitchen and dining table needs a cool salt and pepper set. This defines how fun you are in the kitche and make great presents






Whisk with Silicone Tip

Silicone-Tipped Balloon Whisk£5.99 Lakeland

It's essential in our house as we have load of egg dishes sich as omelets and milky dishes such as pancakes! This silicone tip whisk protects your pans too! brilliant






Measuring Jugs in funky colours

Coloured measuting jug

£5.92 Amazon

These jugs are just so fun and I have 3 in various colours... never enough jugs in my opinion!






A decent set of knives from Joseph Joseph

Buy Joseph Joseph Elevate Knives Carousel, 6 Piece Online at£100 John Lewis

It's more dangerous to use a blunt knife than a sharp one so get a decent set... and if they look good too, then GREAT








Colour Craft Measuring Scoops

Buy Kitchen Craft Colourworks 5 Piece Measuring Spoon Set, Multi Online at

£3.45 John Lewis

From 1/4tsp to 1tbsp accuracy is everything and easy with these colourful scoops!







Colourworks Measurung Cups

Colourworks 4 Measuring Cups£4.99 Lakeland

If you find recipes on the internet, how often do see 1 cup of this and that and are never sure what a cup is - problem solved with these measuring cups!







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