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I was desparately in need of a new sewing machine as I had inherited a machine about 5 years ago and that was pretty old then! The trouble was it sped off at uncontrollable speed, you know like on the dodgems when you hurtle towards another cart only this time it was the fear of sewing my fingers rather than a whiplash.

Must have list

I had quite a list of what it needed to have and clearly I needed a sewing foot peddle that had a speed control, needle threader a button hole sewing gadget, several stitch styles, a bobbin winder that didnt require unthreading the machine.

Most imprtantly my children needed to be able to get into sewing and be safe.

Janome 525s

After a number of separate searches, I came upon the Janome, the brand was clearly quality, youtube videos galore and favourited by the BBC's British Sewing Bee.

Janome 525s

The Verdict

It does exactly what it says in the vids! The needle threader is a life saver, the button hole is so simple and the slow speed is perfect for the kids (and me) it just does not run away from you! We are, however getting through copious quantities of cotton because the kids love the 24 stitch styles!

Absolultely recommended for beginners and more advanced sewers


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