At what point in the future will you let the digital door lock be your entry point lock and key?

Is it safe?

Is it tamper proof?

How secure is your home with the digital locking system?

Yale Locks

Yale is a tried a trusted company that I would certainly consider for my front door, mortice lock, padlock and safes... no problem... but into my home via the front door... still not convinced!

Key less, digital night light with codeKeyless technology

As a kid, we probably changed our lock annually, purely because I lost the key on the way to school or on the way home. I have quite recently simply forgotton to shut the door!

A simple code is easy to remember, the kids cant lose their key. temporary codes can be generated to let the neighbours in whilst your are away etc. Low power consumption, backlit key pad for use at night , fits most 60mm nightlatches - sounds brilliant...

To be honest - I love the idea - but with only a two year guarentee on the Yale Keyless Digital Door Lock with Nightlatch... what do I do if it fails?

Samsung Smart Lock

Samsung Digital Security LockThe sales pitch states the digital smart lock is suitable for the home market and I just love the look and design.

The system includes an alarm, automatic unlocking, auto locking when closed, a key number can be used or a smart card, which doesnt even need to be taken out of your wallet.


Well yes I am very tempted... But I thnk I'll wait until my friends have tried and tested it too! Though in reflection, schools and hospitals use digital fobs and entry codes all the time... I have nothing to steal... but I dont want to give anyone a challenge either!

What will you do?